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A Pastebin with Line Comments

A pastebin is a useful thing to quickly talk about a piece of code. But there's one thing I learned from Github Pull Requests: it's super helpful to add comments to specific lines of code. I wanted that in a pastebin!

Unfortunately I couldn't find any pastebin site that offered line based commenting.

That of course had to be fixed. By yet another pastebin™!

So yesterday evening, I sat down and wrote a very basic pastebin script, payed 30EUR1) for a funny domain name and voilà: was born.

commie is a pastebin in it's simplest form. Paste code and it get's automatically highlighted by Google Code Prettify. You then can add line comments and share the link. That's it. Simple but works2).

commie, pastebin, service
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1) donations welcome ;-)
2) If it doesn't work send a pull request
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Adventure before Dementia

We're back from our vacation. Originally we planned to visit Scotland, but due to bad (aka. late planning) we couldn't find any affordable flights anymore. Instead we decided to rent a camper van and visit Bavaria and Austria again (after visiting Kaddi's parents), because we liked it very much when we passed it during our Italy vacation last year.

Usually we rent our camper vans from one of the bigger companies. Because this year it was a last-minute decision, those companies were booked out already and we had to take what we could find. So unlike in the last years, the camper van this year was not a brand new one. It had more than 100,000km on the clock and was several years old. It had a couple of scratches and signs of usage but looked okay otherwise.

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5 Minute Cupcake

For when you crave chocolate cake right now.

  • 4 table spoons of flour
  • 2 table spoons of oil
  • 2 table spoons of cocoa3)
  • 3 table spoons of milk
  • 1 egg

Mix everything and add whatever you want (chocolate pieces, fruits, yogurt). Grease a cup with butter or margarine and fill it with the batter. Microwave it at 700 Watt for 3.5 to 4 minutes.

recipe, cupcake, microwave
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3) The sweetened drinking kind. If you use unsweetened baking cocoa, add 2 table spoons of sugar.
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Raspberry Pi B+ Pinout Leaf


I'm currently working on a little project involving a Raspberry Pi and some stuff connected to it's General Purpose IOs.

Looking up the pinout scheme every time again gets tiring fast. A good solution is the Raspberry Leaf - a simple sheet of paper that slips over the pins and labels them. Unfortunately I couldn't find one that:

  1. shows all 40 pins of a Raspberry Pi B+
  2. shows the WiringPi numbering scheme

So I set down and made one in Inkscape. The result can be found in this Github Repository.

rpi, diy, electronics
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Games I liked in 2014

It's 2015 for a while now. Time to look back on the last year. I played quite a few (computer) games, so why not have a list of my favorites.

Please note, that they are listed here in no particular order. They are all available on steam. Oh and I realize that not all of them came out in 2014. But I played them in 2014 - that's what counts.

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