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Marley Spoon

This weekend we cooked three mails from a Marley Spoon recipe box. A recipe or cook box is a subscription were you get a box with ingredients and recipes each week so you don't need to think about what to cook or go shopping.

There are many different services offering such services. My friend Anika recently tested a whole bunch of them and reviewed them in detail. Check her posts on how the different options compare1).

Our box was a trial we got as a gift for Christmas. It was a three meal box for two. It contained ingredients for the following recipes:

The beef was our absolute favorite but the other dishes were very good, too. When you look at the ingredients you'd think they are not enough to feed two people, but in the end we found the amount always exactly right.

All in all we really enjoyed the experience. We won't keeping the subscription though for just one reason: the price. A box is 48 EUR - that's 8 EUR per meal. We can get a meal for that price in any of the surrounding restaurants and won't even have to cook!

However as a gift idea, this is quite wonderful. The next time someone asks what to give us for birthday this will be a really nice option.

Here are a few pics.

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1) Though the German services might differ slightly from their UK counter parts
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Trash Solution 2

A while ago I blogged about our self-built trash manager inside an IKEA BEKVÄM. And while it worked fine in general, it turned out that getting a full trash bag out of it was really cumbersome. It also held only two kinds of trash (plastic and residual waste) but had no room for paper.

So we began thinking about other solutions. Kaddi always thought it would be nice to have a bench in the kitchen to sit on and that it would be a great way to combine that with the trash problem. This week we finally talked it through and came up with a plan.

Below you can see some pictures of how we built it. The inner box runs on wheels and contains two IKEA VARIERA bins. It has enough space for paper recycling as well. Material cost was about 160 EUR.

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We're back from one week on Tenrife and as usual, here are a few select pictures we took.

We stayed in the northern, a little bit less touristy part, but thanks to a rental car we had access to the whole island. The weather was fine. It never rained, though the first few days were a bit cloudy. It was not too hot - perfect for hiking. In the last days it was even warm enough to bathe.

Enjoy the pics…

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Indie Games

I'm using this IFTTT recipe to occasionally get free Steam keys for Indie games. It's a bit of a hassle the first few times because you will need to subscribe to a bunch of newsletters2) and like some stuff on Facebook, but then it works just fine.

Most of the games are mediocre at best, but from time to time some real gems are among them. In the last week I played two that I particularly liked:

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Amazon Prime Video Disaster

Okay. So I pay for Amazon Prime for free delivery. They increased the price. But they include a video streaming service now. So why not?

Today I wanted to watch something on my Android Tablet or my Android phone. Both are reasonable hardware with Android Lollipop. I watch Netflix on both all the time. But today I wanted to try Instant Video.

So here is how that went. Before you read on please note that I have a German Amazon Prime subscription and a German IP Address. This is not about circumventing any region blocking. This is simply about accessing the content I already pay for.

So here we go. Can't be that hard, eh?

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