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identi.ca Mosaic

I'm now on identi.ca for more than a year and really love it. There are a lot of cool and interesting people there (usually a bit geekier than on twitter), so why not visualize them? Over the last few days I had a few scripts running and here is the result:

Use the plus and minus buttons to zoom in and out and drag the image with the mouse to scroll around1).

There are about 75,000 users at identi.ca currently and about 30,000 do have an avatar pic. With these pics I created the mosaic above using the excellent Metapixel software. For your and my reference, here is the final command I used:

$> metapixel -l /path/to/images/ -w 48 -h 48 -m wavelet \
   -d 300 -e global --metapixel identi_ca.jpg mosaic.jpg

Can you spot yourself in there?

Update: Here is the full size image (6096×4704 pixel, 6.6MB)

identica, mosaic, visualization, metapixel
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