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October/November Books

The last weeks have been very busy which explains the lack of blog posts. But let's round up the books I've read over the last two months at least.

ISBN 0452295297

This book plays during World War II in and around the besieged city of Leningrad. Two odd friends by chance are tasked to find a doozen of eggs for a General's daughter's wedding or face to be shot as deserters. I immensely enjoyed reading this book. Thanks to Karsten Heymann for recommending it.

ISBN 0060512806

This is almost a classic by now and the book that was the breakthrough for Neal Stephenson. However I'm split in my opinion about this book. It plays in two different times and while I really enjoyed the World War II encryption hacking part, I was utterly bored by the 90ies Internet business crap. The end on the other hand, where time- and plotlines converge, felt a bit rushed IMHO.

A Sam Vimes story is a must read for me (as is any other Terry Prattchet novel ;-)). It was a good read, but not one of the best. Sometimes I found it a bit hard to read, sentences seemed to be somewhat more complicated than they ought to be, but maybe I was just tired.

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