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103 Megapixel of Google+

So, one thing I hear again and again is that “nobody is on Google+”. That is certainly not true for me. Google+ is my primary Social Network and a continuous source of interesting things. Why? Because of the awesome people I follow.

I follow 356 people on Google+ and they follow roughly 47,000 more people. These are my influencers. So who are these people? What do they look like?

Time to find out. Here they are:

The above mosaic can be dragged with your mouse. Use the little +/- icons at the lower bottom to zoom in or out or use the full screen button to see more. (RSS readers need to click through).

Just like the Mosaic, this image was created with Metapixel. But this time I wanted to go a bit bigger and rented an Amazon EC2 server with lots of RAM for a few hours. The result is a 26.5 MB JPEG with a resolution of 13504×7680 pixel. That translates to 103.7 Megapixel.

Can you spot yourself in there? Or help to find me?

googleplus, metapixel, mosaic, visualization
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Posted on Wednesday, December the 5th 2012 (6 years ago).


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