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Lollipop Lockscreen Woes

Like every other fanboy I was eagerly waiting for the newest Android release, code named “Lollipop”, to become available for my phone. Finally the OTA update arrived yesterday. So far I couldn't spot any major improvements except for a few nice animations and the new material design. But at least everything is still running smooth.

However there is one sore spot that makes me regret updating: the new lock screen.

The lock screen serves threw purposes:

  1. secure the device against unintentional button presses while in your pocket
  2. optionally secure the device contents against unauthorized access when lost or unattended
  3. provide useful information at a glance with no interaction: eg. display the current time

Unfortunately Google crippled the lock screen usefulness a lot in Lollipop.

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Paper Backup (3) User Interface

This is the third and final part of the three part series describing my automatic paper backup system. After the scanner is working and we have a bunch of scripts for scanning and uploading, all that is missing is a nice user interface. That's what this part is about.

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Paper Backup (2) Automation Scripts

This is the second part of a three part series describing my automatic paper backup system. In this part I explain the different automation scripts used to create a searchable PDF from a scan and upload it to the backup locations.

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The setup is multi user capable. Eg. for my setup, files will be stored in either Kaddi's or my home directory on the NAS and Google Drive.

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Paper Backup (1) Scanner Setup

I wrote about my Digital Backups before. But this talk by Bdale Garbee raises some good points: what happens when your house burns down? Can you prove you just had bought this Van Gogh right before the incident? What papers would your insurance need? What exactly is insured? And who actually is your insurance? Chances are that the answers to all these questions just have been burned.

So better back up that stuff. Unfortunately a lot of important data still arrives via snail mail on paper. I wanted a simple solution to archive any paper that arrives in a simple way. So I built one.

The whole system consists of a document scanner attached to a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen and some custom software.

This is the first post of a three part series describing how I build the whole system. Part one explains the basic setup of the Raspberry, the scanner and the SANE scanner software.

  1. Scanner Setup ← you are here
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Digital Backups

Everybody knows you should do backups. Over the years I developed a system that hopefully keeps my digital data secure against loss. I followed two principles during setup:

  1. important data should be stored on at least two different physical storage mediums → protection from loss through media failure
  2. very important data should be stored in at least two different physical locations → protection from loss through disaster (like a fire)

The whole thing roughly looks like this:

All of this is in permanent flux. Paper backup is coming soon (blog post in preparation) and will probably result in the integration of Google Drive somewhere in the grand scheme of things.

Some more details after the jump. I'm also interested in your strategies. What do you back up and where?

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