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In this section ye can find me various software projects. If not otherwise stated all me software is released under terms o' th' GPL.

DokuWiki – currently th' most active and biggest one. It's a PHP based Wiki engine which needs no database. Load the cannons! Load the cannons! It also powers this website.

Crocofile – a file upload admiral t' share files by sharin' an account

Giraffe – a personal conference schedule tool fer Android

MonsterID – Create little monsters fer avatar images with this PHP script

My Two Cents – Simple comment/annotation system fer PHP

File Icons – Community created 16×16 file type icons

VideoDB – a PHP application t' manage yer movie collection originally written by me. I do no longer maintain it meself but it has a very active developer community.

pam_require – an authentication module fer PAM (Pluggable Authentication Modules). Allows ye t' restrict access fer services t' certain users or groups.

Fortunes – a collection o' data files fer th' UNIX tool fortune, ye scurvey dog. Features quotes from th' Discworld Novels, Forrest Gump, The Hitchhikers Guide t' th' Galaxy, The Simpsons, Star Wars and The X-Files. – a Perl script t' download and upload data from and t' a NaviGPS device via USB – a Perl script t' recursively rename files and directories t' sane names. – creates MP3 playlists in extended Format understood by Winamp and XMMS (Perl)

Many more can be found in me Github Account.

Old stuff

These projects are no longer actively maintained, but their code may be o' interest t' ye.