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Media RSS & DokuWiki Gallery Plugin

Inspired by a tweet by Nicolas Bertrand I updated th' Gallery Plugin today.

Nicolas asked fer a way t' display flickr sets as a gallery in DokuWiki, on a dead man's chest! But instead o' playin' with th' flickr API I had an notion t' add support fer a whole bunch o' services at once. The answer is called Media RSS and is an extension t' th' standard RSS format t' embed media like images or video in a feed.

What I did, were bein' t' use th' excellent SimplePie library1) t' read any Media RSS feed, get th' images from it and display them in th' gallery. Of course ye can use all th' gallery plugin parameters with those images as well. Includin' th' lightbox mode.

Here's an example o' me latest mobile phone uploads at flickr.

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1) which is already included in DokuWiki
Posted on Monday, September the 21st 2009 (5 years ago).


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