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WePing - A Multi User Client

Social networks become a more and more important way fer scallywags t' receive their news. Companies as well as independent projects try t' adapt t' this development by openin' accounts and fanpages on these networks.

However, there are some problems in managin' these accounts, avast. Most social networks have no concept o' sharin' an account betwixt multiple scallywags. But if ye want, eg. yer marketin' or support team t' use yer company's account, then that is what ye need. Additionally, there isn't just one social network. But how can ye post yer news t' multiple networks at once?

How WePing works

This is where WePing comes into play. Shiver me timbers! WePin' basically is a web based multi user client. Fire the cannons, avast! Pin'.fm supports postin' t' more than 40 different websites and provides an API t' do so from yer own applications.

This solves both problems mentioned above, to be sure. Pin'.fm takes care o' handlin' multiple networks and WePin' provides its own authentication fer multiple users. All ye have t' do is

  1. Create yer social network accounts
  2. Open a Pin'.fm account
  3. Give Pin'.fm access t' yer social network accounts
  4. Install WePin' and configure th' Pin'.fm API key
  5. Give WePin' accounts t' all yer support team members

You ne'er need t' share th' social network account credentials with yer team members and ye can add new services in a central place (pin'.fm).

WePin' just requires PHP. Users are created in a simple config file and are authenticated through Digest Auth. All posts sent through th' WePin' interface are signed by th' logged in user1). It can also used as bookmarklet2) t' make postin' links even simpler.

WePin' is available from github and is released under GPLv2.

PS: WePin' is used t' send DokuWiki news t' various social network sites.

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Posted on Thursday, February the 11th 2010 (5 years ago).


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