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GravityLight 2: Made in Africa 2015-05-29
Interesting off-grid approach for lighting 2015-05-28
if you feel too productive today, try this
The Giant Rats That Save Lives 2015-04-19
They are cute too
Android MediaPlayer, not quite there yet. 2015-04-08
yes. so much this. fuck MediaPlayer
Cube 2015-03-09
There Is No Online Test For Tetrachromacy 2015-03-03
Or maybe I'm not a tetrachromat
A different cluetrain 2015-02-26
"Since the collapse of the USSR and the rise of post-Tiananmen China it has become glaringly obvious that capitalism does not require democracy. Or even benefit from it. Capitalism as a system may well work best in the absence of democracy."
Ubuntu 14.04 - Fix Intel Centrino 6235 freeze & dramatically slow speed 2015-02-25
This seems to have fixed my wifi problems on the Thinkpad X240. *fingers crossed*
FARM 432 : INSECT BREEDING 2015-02-04
Interesting concept to breed insects for food.
Susanna and the Elders 2015-02-01
Super interesting post 17th century paintress Artemisia Gentileschi.


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