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Skeleton: Responsive CSS Boilerplate 2014-12-10
nice minimal CSS "framework"
Microsoft Phone Sounds 2014-11-24
Microsoft released their phone sounds on soundcloud.
Bahnstreik – Ich bin ein GDL-Versteher! 2014-11-07
Die Regierung sägt mit den rechten Medien am Streik-Recht und die Bevölkerung findet das auch noch gut :-/
So sehr hat sich Berlin seit 1990 verändert 2014-10-22
*hach* mein Berlin. Dafür verlinke ich sogar Buzzfeed
The Star Wars Saga: Introducing Machete Order 2014-10-07
Okay, I admit for me there are no episodes 1 to 3 but this is pretty convincing.
A story about Jessica. 2014-09-30
this. so much this. it is so hard imagining to live like this and that's why we fail Jessica.
Leonard Nimoy's Boston on Vimeo 2014-09-26
Boston + Spock = ❤
Buy a Brick for The Nikola Tesla Museum 2014-09-25
I did it. One day there will be a brick in the Tesla Museum :-D
Mystery fairy circles defy explanation 2014-09-18
Now that the desert stone mystery is solved, here's another one.


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