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Silvester: Feuerwerkskritik - Böllern Sie ruhig - SPIEGEL ONLINE 2018-01-02
"Die Deutschen investieren also fünfmal so viel Geld in Christbäume wie in Kracher und Raketen."
My theory: Patreon doesn't want to be a money services business 2017-12-10
This seems to explain very well what's going on with that Patreon debacle
MockDrop 2017-11-03
free device mockups
Material Design Check Boxes and Radio Buttons 2017-10-09
Material Design inspired check boxes and radio buttons. Pure CSS. Minimal Markup. Use nested labels or not. Inherits the size from the surrounding text size.
MOPPE - IKEA 2017-10-08
Wow. MOPPE is back at Ikea. Unfortunately only two sizes are available, the larger ones seem to be still discontinued.
E4ward 2017-10-06
free email forwarder
CSS Modules 2017-10-04
Good introduction on how CSS modules work.
Menus! 2017-09-01
Why Wiki 2017-08-28
Self-Driving RVs, Not Cars, Will Bring About the True Paradigm Shift 2017-08-22
Interesting observation on car ownership in a self-driving world. People actually still might want to own a car. I would have thought otherwise, but this essay lists some pretty good reasons.
So, about this Googler’s manifesto. 2017-08-11
I wish such clear words would have come directly from Google, but I get that they are limited in what they can say publicly.


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