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These are the links I deem worth sharing. They are aggregated from my Pinboard account and various other services.

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ExitReviews 2022-05-10
learn where products fail and how to fix them. Reflect on how products performed over its duration of service
Iconify 2022-04-22
Single API to access all the icon sets
Tired of Netflix 2022-04-20
Colors in movies and TV: What happened to them? 2022-01-12
The intangible sludge
3D Design published: Curver Toy Box Handle Insert 2022-01-01
Inserts to close the handle holes of a Curver Toy Box
How This All Happened 2022-01-01
"the short story of what happened over the last 73 years is simple: Things were very uncertain, then they were very good, then pretty bad, then really good, then really bad, and now here we are."
The Third Web 2021-12-18
3D Design published: LED Candle Holder 2021-11-20
Simple method to use LED candles in an advent wreath
Haikei 2021-09-15
Background SVG generator
OpenMoji 2021-09-03
3D Print: Bosch wall mount snap on holder for battery charger AL18xx 2021-08-22
The first test fit worked, fine. Second time it broke. I probably should have printed in PETG instead of PLA.
3D Design published: Bosch AL1830 Charger Wall Mount 2021-08-22
Simple mechanism to mount the Bosch AL1830 battery charger to a wall.
3D Design published: ESP32 DevKit V4 Case (OpenScad) 2021-08-15
This is a simple case for a ESP32 developer board. It should be easy to customize or extend.