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Beamer, Dressman, Bodybag 2023-04-27
Lovely article about the mingling of German and English, especially in Berlin.
Bing: “I will not harm you unless you harm me first” 2023-02-16
Absolute must-read on the current state of large language models (aka. AI)
google webfonts helper 2023-02-07
Easy tool to download fonts from Google Fonts for local use
DNS post mortem 2022-10-28
Lucide Icons 2022-10-17
3D Design published: Customizable Drill Bit Holder 2022-09-03
OpenScad project to quickly create wall mounted drill bit holders
Good Managers Write Good 2022-07-19
Not only managers. Good writing is a much too rare skill in all employees and people don't realize that it's a problem.
The Grug Brained Developer 2022-06-23
me grug