electronic brain surgery since 2001

Websites and Services

The splitbrain universe is bigger than this website only. Here you can find links to tools and websites I created during the years that might be helpful to you.

  • commie.io is a simple, free pastebin service with syntax highlighting and line comments.
  • Paypal Link builder for when you can't find that stupid button builder in Paypal's recent redesign.
  • My Encoding/Decoding Tools let you convert a given string from and to various formats like urlencoding, base64, rot13 or htmlentiities. It can also be used to create various forms of hashes like MD5, crypt or SHA1. Input can be treated as latin1 or UTF-8
  • The Ook and Brainfuck Encoder/Decoder converts any text into a Ook or Brainfuck program, or can run such a program giving back it's output. Basically a funny pseudo-encryption.
  • man.cx is a simple web interface to a huge amount of UNIX manpages extracted the packages available in the Debian project and some other UNIXes as well. There are currently about 62.000 pages available.
  • Stencil Street Art lets you browse a large collection of street art photos taken in Berlin and around the world.