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Me, my self and I

Okay, what can I say about my self? Let's answer with a list: 100 things about Andi

  1. My name is Andreas1) but I like to be called Andi
  2. I've been born and live in Berlin, Germany
  3. I studied applied computer science
  4. I work as a project manager in software development
  5. I drink a lot of coffee
  6. I don't like sports
  7. I prefer T-Shirts and hate suits
  8. My first computer was my father's ;-) 286 CPU; 40MB HDD; 4 MB
  9. I'm only good at things I enjoy (or maybe the other way round)
  10. I have no drivers license I made my drivers license with 32
  11. I'm not a vegetarian
  12. I get a few hundred emails per month (excluding spam) but only answer a few dozen
  13. I used to own about 350 books and have read much more, but I got rid of most of them because I rarely reread a book
  14. I usually have a few coding project ideas in my mind but can't find the time to start on them
  15. When I finally start, I usually finish the first working prototype after a weekend of mad coding
  16. I'm not a business person
  17. I'm not a public talker
  18. I can't believe how hard it is to make a 100 item list about myself
  19. I love to take photographs but am not keen to be photographed, but that has gotten better
  20. I like cataloging things, but am a very disorderly person
  21. I'm an information junkie (currently about 100 feeds in my feedreader)
  22. I'm an Atheist (but if I'd need to pick a religion I'd go for Pastafarian)
  23. My eyes went worse in the last years and I need to wear glasses now
  24. Most people don't like most of the music I like
  25. I consider stock trading as gambling but sometimes wonder if I should invest
  26. I'm often impatient with others
  27. I had several pets in my youth: birds, mice, rats, a hamster and a rabbit
  28. Sometimes I think my acrophobia gets worse the older I become, but I usually just ignore it
  29. I didn't serve in the army but did alternative service
  30. My physical education teacher once told me that I will not reach the age of 45
  31. I always wanted a robot but still don't have one and now have a Roomba
  32. I'd love to see the earth from space one day, but doubt it will happen
  33. I question things people tell me until I read them somewhere my self
  34. I often wrongly assume people must know of something when I've heard of it at least twice
  35. I prefer Intel CPUs over AMD ones for no apparent reason
  36. When I was young I was very interested in astronomy but have forgotten most of it now
  37. I collected empty beer cans once but stopped at about 370 pieces
  38. I coded in Basic, Turbo Pascal, Bash, Java, C, C++, C#, Delphi, Perl, PHP, Python and JavaScript so far, but I'd like to add Ruby one day
  39. I prefer Scotch over Irish Whiskey
  40. I don't care for soccer but enjoy snooker on the TV
  41. My favourite webcomics are Questionable Content, Dumbing of Age and XKCD
  42. A few people think I share some characteristics with Gromit
  43. My favourite colour is black and if you say that's not a color, I compromise on blue
  44. I can't decide between British and American spelling
  45. My name was worth 6583 Ego Points on of those silly Web 2.0 sites that has long vanished since
  46. I'm right handed
  47. My idea of being famous is to be asked for an interview on Slashdot
  48. I love silly personality tests on the net
  49. I often suffer from the Not Invented Here syndrome
  50. Pirates are way cooler than ninjas in my opinion
  51. My favourite desktop environment is XFCE
  52. AFAIR I went online 1996, mailboxes first2), the Internet came 1997
  53. I like silly cartoons like Sponge Bob, the stranger the better
  54. I like traveling
  55. I used to be a geocacher but somehow mostly lost interest
  56. According to the Discordian Calendar I was born on Sweetmorn, the 59th day of the Aftermath in the YOLD 3174
  57. I have a small dent on the back of my head. My Grandma had the same.
  58. I woke up one night in Tokyo because the toilet was making funny noises – turned out to be an earthquake. My first.
  59. GTD systems don't work for me.
  60. I can never decide between a spicy Curry Chicken and Chicken Saag at the Indian restaurant.
  61. I grew a beard in New Zealand and am keeping it.
  62. I have a scar at my ankle because I couldn't stop scratching the spot for several years during my childhood.
  63. I used to wear my watch on the right wrist even though I'm not left handed. That changed with getting a smart watch.
  64. I like to eat apples with mustard
  65. Several points in this list have changed over the many years this page exists
  66. I married in Vegas, but there was no Elvis involved
  67. The first 20 minutes of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone always bring a tear to my eye
  68. to be continued…
For the Spanish: its Andreas not Andrea, which is a girl's name in Germany ;-) Or just stay with Andi
I loved the StadtNet Berlin chat