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Quotes from "Star Wars"

fortune-starwars is a collection of quotes from the movies “Star Wars”, “The Empire Strikes Back”, and “Return Of The Jedi”. It is meant for use with the fortune program. It does not contain quotes from Episodes One to Three, because I don't really like them.

To install these fortunes, copy the .dat file to your fortunes directory (possibly /usr/games/lib/fortunes). To use it, simply type: fortune starwars

Download: fortune-starwars.tgz

R2-D2 and Chewbacca are playing the holographic game aboard
the Millennium Falcon.
He made a fair move. Screaming about it can't help you.
Han Solo:
Let him have it. It's not wise to upset a Wookiee.
But sir, nobody worries about upsetting a droid.
Han Solo:
That's 'cause droids don't pull people's arms out
of their sockets when they lose. Wookiees are known
to do that.
I see your point, sir. I suggest a new strategy, R2:
let the Wookiee win.


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