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Quotes from "The X-Files"

This package contains various quotes from the X-Files TV episodes for use with the fortune program.

To install these fortunes, copy the .dat file to your fortunes directory (possibly /usr/games/lib/fortunes). To use it, simply type: fortune xfiles

Download: fortune-xfiles.tgz

Mulder: You thinking about Pendrell?
Scully: I realized I didn't even know his first name. -
Actually, I was thinking about, uh... this gift that
you gave me for my birthday. You never got to tell me
why you gave it to me or what it means. But I think I
know. I think that you appreciate that there are
extraordinary men and women; extraordinary moments when
history leaps forward on the backs of these
individuals. What can be imagined, can be achieved.
You must dare to dream, but it is no substitute for
perseverance and hard work. And teamwork, because no
one gets there alone. And while we commemorate the
greatness of these events and the individuals who
achieve them, we cannot forget the sacrifices of those
who make these achievements and dreams possible.
Mulder: I just thought it was a pretty cool keychain.

"The X-Files: Max"