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Quotes from "The X-Files"

This package contains various quotes from the X-Files TV episodes for use with the fortune program.

To install these fortunes, copy the .dat file to your fortunes directory (possibly /usr/games/lib/fortunes). To use it, simply type: fortune xfiles

Download: fortune-xfiles.tgz

Scully: It just doesn't seem, substantial enough to warrant an
Mulder: OK, Scully, so we disagree. It's not the first time,
and it won't be the last.
Scully: Well, at least if we had a legitimate source, we could..
Mulder: This is the essence of science, you ask an impertinent
question and you're on your way to a pertinent answer.
Scully: So, what makes this case any more credible than...
(Scully picks up a copy of National Comet, a tabloid,
off Mulder's desk and reads)....the hundred year old
mother with the lizard baby?
Mulder: Because the lizard baby wasn't born anywhere near Lake
Scully: Oka-what?
Mulder: Bogee. (Mulder gets up and in her face) Okobogee.
Scully: Is that supposed to mean something to me?
Mulder: If you know anything about trout fishing, or UFO

"The X-Files: Conduit"


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