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Quotes from "The X-Files"

This package contains various quotes from the X-Files TV episodes for use with the fortune program.

To install these fortunes, copy the .dat file to your fortunes directory (possibly /usr/games/lib/fortunes). To use it, simply type: fortune xfiles

Download: fortune-xfiles.tgz

Scully: Imagine all a woman's hopes and dreams for her child,
and then nature turns so cruel. What must a mother go
Mulder: Apparently not much in this case, if she'd just throw
it out with the trash.
Scully: I...I guess I was just projecting on myself.
Mulder: Why? Is there a history of genetic abnormalities in
your family?
Scully: No.
Mulder: Well, just find yourself a man with a spotless genetic
makeup and a really high tolerance for being second
guessed and start pumping out the little Uberscullies.
Scully: What about your family?
Mulder: "Hmm? (Scully nods) Well, (he smiles) aside for the
need for corrective lenses and the tendency to be
abducted by extraterrestrials involved in an
International governmental conspiracy, the Mulder
family passes genetic muster.

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