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Infrared File Chooser

This is a tool I've written for Ding - my standalone mp3/video player.

The InfraRed File Chooser (or short irfc) is a remote controlled menu for selecting files and loading them by an assigned program. You can add as much filetypes and assoziated programs as you want. By using Perl or Shell scripts you can extend it's usefulness much more. The GUI is created with Perl::GTK and it uses RCU::Lirc to fetch the remote controllers commands.

Download: irfc.tgz


  • 17.01.2006
  • 05.09.2002
    • Added a patch by Kees Cook:
      • Event-based lirc (to not take 100% CPU)
      • Added “Back” command to move up in the directory tree
      • Small GTK clean-ups to reduce the size of unused space in the status window
      • Cleaned up GTK clist
      • Added file extension visibility
  • 07.08.2002
    • Option to change the listboxfont - Makes it more readable on TV