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QLIFF is the abbreviation of the Quake Level Informator For Free. It is a database system for the administration of Quake2-Levels.

It's Main Features are:

  • The Level-Database allows to store informations about the weapons, up to 10 screenshots, a textual description and a rating for each level
  • Mapscan - QLIFF can scan a level file for all neccessary informations
  • EraserBot-Support
  • The Export-Function allows to share level-descriptions with others
  • Favourites make it possible to bookmark your favourite levels
  • Modsupport - QLIFF supports up to 10 “mods”
  • and much more…

More details are available at the QLIFF Homepage

I maintained QLIFF till the end of 1999. But with the start of studies and the release of Quake 3 Arena I hadn't enough time and motivation to continue.


QLIFF Screenshot