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SimPlEdi - Simple Playlist Editor

SimPlEdi is a webbased playlist (m3u) editor for mp3 files which are used in popular music players like Winamp or XMMS. The filelocations are stored relative to the playlist location which makes it possible to use the generated lists on changing environments as mounted network drives or CDROMs.

Download: simpledi.tgz

simpledi.jpg Updates

  • 04.03.2002
    • Fixed the broken search function
  • 25.08.2002
    • You now can add whole directories to the playlist, nonexistent files are shown in red, various smaller bugfixes
  • 10.03.2002
    • Added support for more filetypes (ogg,wma), Search for files, multiple smaller bugfixes
  • 17.03.2002
    • sorting, shuffling of playlists and ID3-Tag editing added