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Debian Home Network Documentation Project


This project is no longer active. It was maintained by me and a friend of mine - Frank Schubert. The goal of DHNDP was “to document our homenetworks as good as possible to make it easy to follow our steps and to show how mighty Linux and especially the Debian Distribution is.”

I developed my own small content management system called “bogmog” for DHNDP. It stored all data including files and pictures in a MySQL database. All documentation is entered as plain text in a browser formular. Then bogmog does the formating (eg. highlighting URLs). Uploading files and assign them do documents was possible, too. Visitors were allowed to give comments on every document.

The site is now down, but most of the content is still maintained in my DokuWiki. If you're interested in how it looked like try the archive copy in the Wayback Machine.