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The old design This is a site about the RAF which stands for “Rote Armee Fraktion” (“Red Army Faction”). The RAF was a german terrorists group most active in the 1970s. Don't be afraid: I'm not a radical ;-). It's just an informational site. Visit "This is Baader-Meinhof" by Richard Huffmann, if you are interested in the Red Army Faction and don't speak german. His site covers the same topic in english.

I started this site in 1997. It was first hosted on xoom (later owned by msnbci.com). With the time it developed to the biggest german page about this topic with around 170000 pageimpressions per month. With moving the page to virtualave.net in 1999 I began to make use of extended techniques like ServerSideIncludes (SSI) and CGIs.

Since 1st of November 2001 the site is hosted at it's own domain www.rafinfo.de.

The new DesignIn February 2003 I felt that time had come to do a complete redesign of the page. I rewrote some parts of the page, extended some of the content and gave it a more professional look. For more freedom in pagedesign and ease of administration I choose PHP as language. I did a restructuring of the navigation, too and now manage the links and literature tips through a MySQL database. For speed enhancements all pages are cached by foocache.

The new design went online at March 1st 2003.

In October 2009, the site was seriously outdated. Both, the content and the technology would have needed major updates to be useful again. Because a lot of alternative information on the topic is available today (especially thanks to Wikipedia) I did not see any sense in a major overhaul. Instead I created a static HTML dump of the whole site and removed all dynamic and feedback parts. So links will continue to work, but the site will no longer produce any load on me or my server.