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Indie Games

I'm using this IFTTT recipe to occasionally get free Steam keys for Indie games. It's a bit of a hassle the first few times because you will need to subscribe to a bunch of newsletters1) and like some stuff on Facebook, but then it works just fine.

Most of the games are mediocre at best, but from time to time some real gems are among them. In the last week I played two that I particularly liked:

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Amazon Prime Video Disaster

Okay. So I pay for Amazon Prime for free delivery. They increased the price. But they include a video streaming service now. So why not?

Today I wanted to watch something on my Android Tablet or my Android phone. Both are reasonable hardware with Android Lollipop. I watch Netflix on both all the time. But today I wanted to try Instant Video.

So here is how that went. Before you read on please note that I have a German Amazon Prime subscription and a German IP Address. This is not about circumventing any region blocking. This is simply about accessing the content I already pay for.

So here we go. Can't be that hard, eh?

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Network Upgrade

For the last 4 years my home network setup was basically the same: Internet arrived through a 16MBit ADSL uplink and got routed via my trusty FritzBox. But as detailed in my last post, I now have a new Internet provider and that required some restructuring.

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Telecolumbus sucks, or does it?

Ever since I moved to this apartment, I'm using a 16Mbit ADSL line to hook up to the Internet. And while 16MBit is fine for web browsing, it's not really fun for larger downloads. So it was time to find an alternative.

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Roomba Repair

My Roomba is over six years old by now. So far it worked flawless. I replaced the battery twice. However this Friday he refused to work and made what is known as the “Circle Dance of Death” also known as the “9 Beeps”.

The most common problem is a faulty bumper sensor. The Roomba thinks he's constantly bumping it something and tries to back up, resulting in backwards circling move until he gives up.

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