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The last few days I worked on a CGI called “The Googlelator”. I thought it would be easy but in fact it was harder to program than I thought.

What it does is easy to explain: You feed it with a Internet address which is then loaded and filteret by the CGI. Every word with at least four letters is converted to a link to Googles “I feel lucky” search. When you klick such a link the site that is choosen by Google will directed through The Googlelator again of course. This makes it a perfect tool to waste time and explore the Net in a complete new way.

It it is currently hosted at a PC in my university as it needs some Perl modules that aren't available here at splitbrains host. This PC is located in one of the labs and is rebooted from time to time (and may be down while the holidays) so be patient if it doesn't respond and try again in a few days.

Visit the Googlelator at http://surf.to/googlelator.