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Damned! I hate the Telekom. I was offline for nearly two weeks now. I waited for the Telekom to enable my DSL access.

Unfortunately the german Telekom seems to be the company with the worst service in Germany. It's horrible. As former government owned telecommunication monopoly they still control most of the telephone market because they own all the lines in the houses. That makes them cheaper than their concurrence who have to lease the lines from them, but also much worse in how they deal with their customers.

Everytime you call one of their service hotlines (Thank god it's free - I called them about 20 times last week) you're asked for some different data. Sometimes your phone number, sometimes your customer ID and sometimes they simply ask for your name and adress. But they never know that you've called before. Do I need to say that you can hear the typically Windows error sound from time to time when you talk to them? You also never talk to the same person again - no - you speak with people from all over the country but everybody uses the same lame excuses. For example when you call them at 7 o'clock pm. and say “My DSL should be enabled today but it still isn't” they will awnser “This is done by a computer which works around the clock - wait 'til midnight”. Needless to say that nothing more will happen this day or the next one.

It's frustrating because you call them, you know they are telling you shit and there is nothing you can do about it.

The worst thing is that DSL worked fine already on sunday two weeks ago. On monday they send an technican to enable the telephone - in the evening that day everything was broken. Neither telephone nor DSL worked. The telephone was fixed by wednesday but I had to wait til yesterday for DSL.

All I can say is: Avoid the Telekom if you can! They're bad! They evil! But hey - I'm back online :-)

Oh - There is something new for you: SimPlEdi - A simple webbased Playlisteditor. I did that thing for my girlfriend and she already likes it. But she has some more whishes so expect an update soon!