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Today I spent my day with working on VideoDB - no there is no new release yet. But if you want you can always have a look at it by make checkout from the CVS. There are some nice features in the pipeline. There will be an integrated help browser and the often requested multiuser feature will be included, too.

Oh and I put a new harddisk (only 40 Gigs) in my workstation computer - the old one had frequent file system errors and made some weird sounds :-) I used this opportunity to do a fresh install of my Windows system. Can anyone explain why this is still necessary every year? Oh and don't tell me to switch completely to Linux. One day I'll accomplish even that.

My real life ™ is going on, too. I just found a new apartment I think I'll move someday in november. Next weekend I'll go on a short trip to London with my GF. On the time left I have to see that I get on with writing my diploma thesis.