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fuck. fuck. fuck. I wanted to move to a new appartment this friday. Everything is set up already. I'm sitting between a bunch of boxes. And just now I remembered to check for the availability of DSL… it's just a few hundered meters away from were I live now and there is nothing! No DSL no ISDN. Crap. I already signed a precontract and paid the rental fee for the first month. And now I realize that there will be no internet with some decent speed avialable. I'm living in the fucking capital of this country and there are places with no decent internet connection! Tomorrow I have to check some other companies if there is any option to get broadband there. If not I'm fucked up. I don't think I can get out of the contract. This means paying three months rental fee for an appartment without any use. Again looking for a flat. Telling all my friends there is no relocation. I'm so angry with my self. Why didn't I check this earlier? Shit. And meanwhile I have to work on my fucking diploma thesis which isn't going to well, too. I'm currently in a lousy condition. I think I'm pretty much done with this year. I hope the next one gets better, when all this shit is over.