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Internal changes and new blog

A lot of new things, some other things broken.

  • A lot of internal changes - the easiest to spot are the URLs which are much easier to type and remember ;-)
  • Due to these changes the Source Section has to be redone
  • The Snippets are currently not available but will come back!
  • Of course this weblog is new. It uses b2 as underlying software. You may add comments to my babblings and it has got these cute smileys: :-). I even managed to import the old news.
  • The search page is not available until I find the time to rebuild the index.
  • There may be a few other broken things and links which are to stay until I fix them ;-)
  • Because I was asked for it: You may donate to support my projects via PayPal
  • splitbrain comes in multiple flavours now: orange, green, purple, red and blue

I'm still offline - so don't expect frequent updates or even answer to your mails :-/ (For the curious: I made this update from a friends house)