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It has been some time since my last entry. I don't know where the time went to… anyway here is a little update about my life ;-)

Last week I finally set up the WLAN at home. I'm using the hostap driver to run an accesspoint on my Linux box. Currently I use WEP encryption only which isn't the safest method. My original plan was to use WPA with a preshared key. Problem is my laptops PCMCIA card which doesnt have WPA drivers for Windows (Screw you guys!). It is a Prism 2.5 based card which supports WPA very well on Linux. All you have to do is a firmware upgrade which is easy. But for Windows three things are needed: a current firmware (checked), an Windows XP upgrade (checked) and a WPA enabled driver - well and there's the problem. I tried different drivers for Prism based cards, but I wasn't able to get WPA running. So im stuck with WEP for now until someone gives me a hint what else I can do or I'll buy some other card.

Of course I know some alternatives. Eg. at work im using a freeswan based VPN to secure the WLAN, but thats to much hassle for my home LAN I think.

On saturday I visited the Wizards of OS congress here in Berlin. It was interesting but in retroperspective saturday may not have been the best day to choose of the four days to the congress was held. There were some better panels at the other days.

However beside some information about the worldwide Creative Commons organizations I had the chance to get some insights of the wikiengine used by wikipedia. I must say I'm not very impressed. Some parts of the data model aren't very sophisticated in my view, but after all it's a grown structure which is hard to change with the huge amount of data in it.

Speaking of Wiki software: I did some research today for a nice Wiki to use for our company's internal documentation. Well there are a lot of engines out there, but so far i haven't found one I really like. The available ones are either in some weird language, are unnessessary bloated or come with some really unintuitive syntax. So far im stuck with yawk - a very simple wiki with no revisions and written in gawk. So much on weird languages.

So for everyone who wonders if I still have some kind of real life - yes sometimes ;-)

For example I went to the newly opened Helmut Newton exhibit with my girlfriend on sunday afternoon. They have some very good of his photographs. Unfortunatly the lights reflexes too much in the protecting glass, which makes it hard sometimes to see the picture in full with all details. Nontheless it is a fine exhibition you should go to see if you like Newtons work.