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As you already may know I passed the leadership of VideoDB development on to Andreas Goetz a few weeks ago to have more time for various other things. Things are going well on VideoDB, there are a few new developers and I'm looking forward for the first comunity release :-)

I've been busy, too. There were a few new releases of DokuWiki and I finally found the time to fix some nasty bugs in pam_require. I also took the oportunity to dig into automake and autoconf. I'm still a little bit puzzled by it's complxity but I'm glad I managed to use it to get pam_require to compile on Solaris. BTW. I used sourceforge's compile farm to try this - cool thing!

There are still some things the queue. I want to redo the My Pictures application - the code is very messy I think and I'm still thinking about a complete redesign of this website using some kind of CMS. I'm not yet sure which one. Maybe I should give typo3 a try. I also thought about writing an own one based upon the DokuWiki parser but I'm not sure yet which way to go.

Well thats it for today. I try to get some sleep now - hopefully without any nightmares. I just played the few first levels of Doom 3. This game is so fucking creepy 8-O and my hardware is so fucking slow :-/

G'night everybody