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Domain Transfer completed

Finally the domain transfer was completed. Of course Murphy hit me hard again. It took a whole month to have my two domains transfered. The cause were multiple problems: My old provider had no idea about the proper protocol to handle a transfer with the registrar for the .org domain, the transfer of the .de domain worked but the nameservers weren't updated probably. Then my old provider gave me an authcode to transfer the .org domain but left it's status on “Client Transfer Prohibited”, when this was resolved the registrar send me an email they will transfer on january the 1st if I don't deny the transfer. I didn't but yesterday the transfer still was pending. I finally figured out how to use the deny link they gave me to approve the transfer manually. So today both domains are up and running on hex.

There will come up some new services in the next weeks like a bugtracking system and some sort of CVS access for most of my code. One new service is up already: it's called http://man.splitbrain.org were you can access a huge collection of manpages through a webinterface.