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DokuWiki Development

Just for the curious: a little update on what's happening regarding DokuWiki Development. I just added templating support (for the design) and redesigned some parts of the decision logic (the part of DokuWiki that decides what is to display eg. show the edit page or do a preview and so on). Templating doesn't use any fancy template language - instead the templates are written in PHP itself. Basically you can call a specified set of functions which will print the wanted content (similar to the b2 weblog). Currently not everything is customizable through templates yet and some documentation has to be written, too. If you try the current devel version I'd love to get some feedback on how useful it is and what you are missing.

The next thing I want to do is to replace the current parser by a much better implementation written by Harry Fuecks. It uses a strict OO paradigm and is significantly faster than my sequential regexp based one. It will take some time to have all this tightly integrated and working.

What I need are people who are willing to use the current devel version (using darcs to get) and who can send in bugreports or better patches to make sure the next release is as stable as possible.

Last but not least I'm still looking for a cool logo some suggestions were submitted already but give it a try yourself.