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splitbrain.org relaunched

It's finally done. I spent the last few weeks with redoing the whole splitbrain site. It is now driven by DokuWiki which makes it easyier for me to keep the page up to date. I did drop some of the old content. If you miss something drop me a line.

Some words on the tech behind the site. I built a custom template for DokuWiki which comes with some PHP functions to do the special stuff like loading the correct margin page and build the breadcrumb trail at the top.

Most of the special functions like showing the freshmeat statistics or the showcase on the DokuWiki projectpage are done with the Command Plugin by Joe Lap.

For the frontpage blog I wrote my own, very simple blog plugin instead of using one of the more sophisticated ones available. I don't have comments yet and I'm not sure if I will add them. I didn't get much comments in my old blog but a lot of spam so I'm not sure if it is worth the effort.

I also imported the old blog entries. I tried to autoconvert the various text formattings to DokuWiki's syntax but there may be some problems left. All internal links from the entries where removed because the site structure changed too much anyway.

One new thing you may have noticed is the Google Adsense advertising box on the right. We'll see how that works out. If it doesn't pay it gets dumped again.

Before you ask: Everything I built for this page (template, plugins and so on) are very specialised for my needs so I will not release them to the public (yet).