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Lazy Sunday

The headline says it all. I'm lazy today. It's 1pm and I'm still in bed just surfing the web (praise the inventor of the laptop ;-)). I really should work on the last things needed for a new DokuWiki release or at least do something… well lazyness is strong today.

Hmmm okay I can do something: I will share the websites I came across during my surf with you:

2.0Culture is an interesting read about what makes a webapp a Web 2.0 webapp. It especially focuses on common design components of the new web. I wonder if DokuWiki's default style should get a facelift into the new age of design. The new toolbar already looks very good I think. Maybe the top and bottom bars could use a redesign, too.

Speaking of Web 2.0 apps. I came across another one through Emily Chang's eHub. It's called Listible and does what it sounds like: it manages lists. Not personal ToDo lists but lists of web ressources. It somewhat tries to add a another semantic layer to tags. You do not tag the ressources themself like on del.icio.us, but you create a list describing a group of ressources and then tag the list. Let's have an example: When you search for the tag wiki you don't get back a list of links tagged with wiki (DokuWiki, Wikipedia, Hawaian Dictionary) but a list of special interest lists. Currently you get “Wikis without a database” and “Software Comparison pages”. Maybe later someone will add a list of “Wiki powered encyclopedias”. You see it could be useful for faster finding what you want. It could end up in a huge mess of lists with only one or two entries each as well…

And now something completely different. Speed Reading Techniques is an interesting article about how to increase your reading speed. This wasn't completely new for me, because I'm a relativly quick reader anyway. But it gives some nice hints to fast read and summarize books. I consider this especially useful for non-fiction books like documentation and science stuff you need to understand quickly for your job. Of course the tips about writing summaries on the front and backpages, adding dog ears and add margin notes will not be welcomed by booklovers ;-)

Okay enough talking, back to surfing. BTW. to see what else I surf and bookmark just have a look at my Scuttle bookmarks.