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Blog Software Comparison

Always use the right tool for the right task. But finding the right tool is often hard, especially if you're new to the task. The matrix sites I created at my day job at CosmoCode do help with choosing a wiki, forum or podcatcher. But there was one popular area we hadn't covered, yet: bloging.

Blog Comparison There are some comparison tables about blog features already, but users of WikiMatrix were still asking us to do a blog comparison. The reason is probably the possibility to interactively modify the comparison table by adding or removing products on the fly or hiding uninteresting features, which makes the tables just a little bit easier to handle.

Well, to make it short: We just opened WeblogMatrix.

The software and interface are the same you have come to know from WikiMatrix et al. A choice wizard is not integrated yet but will follow of course. But unlike at the other sites before, we're proud to have a very flexible search function available right from the start. It was build by our magnificent trainee Tilo (aka. bati in the forums) who also had a major part in preparing WeblogMatrix for the launch1).

So please check out WeblogMatrix, populate the Forums and help to maintain a record.

Oh and don't forget to blog about it ;-)

I wish he'd had a blog to give him some link love ;-)