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Arrived in Montreal...

… alive and well being :-) This is just a short message from the past (it's still yesterday here in Canada).

Thanks to sattelite navigation ;-) I found my hotel without any problems. Manoir Abrose is a nice little two star hotel, nothing fancy but comfy enough. It even has WiFi (for a fee).

I haven't seen much of Montreal so far. I just went out to get a bottle of water and got some dinner at Burger King. Tommorow I will attend the RoCoCo camp. And now I'm going to sleep.

Below are a few first Montreal impressions. Greetings to Europe and a special one to Aga in Zürich - the last pic is just for you ;-)1)

Ice floes Cherry Trees Downtown Church and Skyscrapers Manoir Ambrose The Aga Shop

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