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Classify Twitter Users with Greasemonkey

Inspired by a blog post by Michael Klier I just created my own little greasemonkey script.

What's it about? Evan Prodromou recently came up with a nice scale to quickly decide who's worth to follow back or should be blocked at twitter. Here's what he wrote:

new scale: 1:5 = twittercaster, 1:2 = notable, 1:1 socially healthy, 2:1 newbie or social climber, 5:1 twitter spammer.

Because my math sucks and I like visual clues, I wanted a way to quickly see how a users scores on that scale. My greasemonkey script does just that. It adds a colored bar at the very top of each twitter user page, telling you the classification:

Twitter User Classification

You can download Twitter User Classify over at userscripts.org.

Let me know what you think of it in the comments here, please.

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