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I Have Issues

Michael Klier recently decided to shut down his blog. Luckily he provides a tarball of all his posts and used a liberal license for his contents. With his permission I will repost a few of his old blog posts that I think should remain online for their valuable information. For this post I also revived the code at my own repository and updated the URLs below.

This post was originally posted July, 1st 2010 at chimeric.de and is licensed under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA License.

I have Issues. And most of them are hosted at http://github.com ;-), the service I use to manage my open source projects and contributions. Overall, github is a nice service. It provides everything you need to host your git repositories, including a simple issue tracker which does it for most tasks.

However, there's one thing that kept buggging me. It is not possible to browse all open issues of all your github projects at once via the webinterface1). That makes it quite difficult to get an overview, and thus setting priorities.

Of course github has an API, so hacking sth. together that does what I want should be easy and I thought maybe someone did all the work already. But searching on the intertubes didn't reveal anything except some cli tools to interact with the API and some full blown libs for various programming languages.

So, allthough the feeling of reinventing the wheel was quite strong, I quickly threw sth. together using jQuery and plain HTML.

Just head over to http://splitbrain.github.com/github-issues/, insert your github username and you get a list of all your open issues :-). Of course you can just grab the source and put the page on your own server (don't expect any wonders though, it really does just one thing: listing your open github issues).

Happy bug fixing!

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