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Marley Spoon

This weekend we cooked three meals from a Marley Spoon recipe box. A recipe or cook box is a subscription were you get a box with ingredients and recipes each week so you don't need to think about what to cook or go shopping.

There are many different services offering such services. My friend Anika recently tested a whole bunch of them and reviewed them in detail. Check her posts on how the different options compare1).

Our box was a trial we got as a gift for Christmas. It was a three meal box for two. It contained ingredients for the following recipes:

The beef was our absolute favorite but the other dishes were very good, too. When you look at the ingredients you'd think they are not enough to feed two people, but in the end we found the amount always exactly right.

All in all we really enjoyed the experience. We won't keeping the subscription though for just one reason: the price. A box is 48 EUR - that's 8 EUR per meal. We can get a meal for that price in any of the surrounding restaurants and won't even have to cook!

However as a gift idea, this is quite wonderful. The next time someone asks what to give us for birthday this will be a really nice option.

Here are a few pics.

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