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France Day 5

Breakfast, dumping, refilling and back to the road. This day involved a lot of driving. We saw a lot of already harvested fields, a mustard field and not much more of interest before we arrived in Bourges.

Main attraction here is the Palais of Jaques Coeur, a 17th century arms dealer. His palace is quite beautiful architecture but again there isn't any original furniture left. There are some English descriptions and we got a German leaflet describing the rooms in a few sentences. I think we're still a bit spoiled by Loches Keep.

We got a hot sandwich from a little Fastfood store and went on to visit the cathedral. With its five naves it was quite impressive.

Our final stop in Bourges was a big Carrefour to replenish our groceries. We also decided to get some cheeses, baguette and a small bottle of red wine. Because France.

Our place for the night was at a canal. We had some cheese for starters and Kaddi borrowed our neighbor's bottle opener to open our own bottle of wine. Main dish was pasta in butter with shrimp.

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