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France Day 16

We woke up after a horrible night. A spot behind the dunes with no big road or a town should have been the quietest place possible. Unfortunately somewhere not too far away must have had been some kind of night club or party venue and we heard the bass of techno music late into the night. It only stopped to be replaced by the sound of sirens. We're not sure if those were part of the “music” or if the party got raided. In the end we didn't get much sleep at all.

We had another round of pancakes and got going again. We still remember a camp ground in Spain were had a spot right at the beach for two days and it was wonderful. So for today we wanted to see if we could get this again. The campgrounds at the Île de Noirmoutier promised sea-view spots, so that's where went. With another supermarket stop in between (so sometimes France is better at opening times - it was Sunday!).

The island is very touristy but very beautiful. At the first campground the guy gave us a map and marked out three places that had a view at the sea, but he wasn't sure we could fit our 7.30m RV there. We had a look and they were all completely impossible. They were either not reachable due to low hanging branches or so sandy it would have been impossible to ever leave again. We didn't feel like staying on this over crowded camp ground with high prices with no benefit at all so we left again. We tried another campground but the guy there told us that he did have one sea view space today for about 5 minutes. No luck.

We decided to leave the island and found a place right of the bridge. Again with a little walk to the beach but cheaper and much less crowded than the campgrounds.

We sat a whole while at the beach, ate shrimps with cocktail sauce and watched the kite surfers.

In the evening we had steak with green beans and bacon and some more Quizoid before we finally went to a hopefully better night than before.

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