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MiniDLNA vs. MiniSSDP on Synology DiskStation

I am running MiniDLNA (or ReadyMedia as it seems to be called nowadays) on my Synology DiskStation to access movies from my Samsung SmartTV and BluRay player via UPnP/DNLA.

The MiniDNLA package was installed by adding a the custom package source http://synology.nimloth.pl/ to the package manager and install the package as usual.

This worked fine for years, but after a recent update my DNLA devices weren't able to see the DiskStation anymore.

It took me a while to figure out that there was another process intercepting the DNLA traffic:

$ ps ax|grep minissdpd
14985 ?        Ss     0:00 /usr/bin/minissdpd -i eth0

I'm not sure what it is needed for. There's some hints that MiniDNLA should be able to hook into this process via a socket. But I couldn't get it to work. So instead I looked into disabling it.

When you SSH into the Synology you can check if the service is enabled - and sure enough it is:

$ sudo synoservicecfg --status ssdp
Service [ssdp] status=[enable]
required upstart job: 
	[minissdpd] is start.

Use the same command to disable it:

$ sudo synoservicecfg --disable ssdp
warn: The runkey of service [ssdp] has been set to "No"

Check again and it should be gone:

$ sudo synoservicecfg --status ssdp
Service [ssdp] status=[disable]
required upstart job: 
	[minissdpd] is stop.

Finally restart the MiniDLNA service:

sudo /var/packages/minidlna/scripts/start-stop-status restart

BTW. You can also use that command to force a rescan of your media:

sudo /var/packages/minidlna/scripts/start-stop-status rescan

This post was of course written so I'll can look it up next time it breaks ;-)

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