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itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality Game Reviews Part 3

The itch.io Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality just keeps on giving. This is part 3 of my attempt to give a quick review of every game in it I try.

You can also check out the first part and second part.

Loot Rascals :-)

You're a space person on a mission for teapot person? You crash land and have to fight monsters. It's basically a turn based dungeon crawler, but with a deck building mechanic instead of an inventory. It's a clever twist on the genre. I wasn't too fond of the turn limit per level.

Diaries of a Spaceport Janitor :-(

You're a janitor at a space port. The game gives you two options for the graphic settings: “worse” and “bad”. And that's not a lie. It's a blocky mess of a 3D world. I usually don't mind simple graphics when the story is good, but I couldn't get into this at all.

Kids :-(

I'm not sure what this is. A physics demo? Art? Someone had an idea for an animation style but couldn't come up with a game for it? At least it's short.

Long Gone Days ^_^

You're an elite sniper soldier. Born into the army. Sworn to protect. Until you learn that your world is a lie. This is a fantastic JRPG style game. The story is a bit depressing as it is often too close to the real world. Unfortunately the game seems to end in the middle. Apparently it is released in chapters and is still in development. Can't wait for the next chapter to come out.

Airships: Conquer the Skies :-)

This game allows you to build steam punk style airships and then use them in combat against other ships. There's a single player mode where you try to build an empire capturing cities and defending them and there is multiplayer (though I haven't tried it). I feel like this could be a fantastic game with a bit more polishing and more/better control during combat. Still worth giving a try.

Quiet as a Stone :-(

I don't understand the point of this game. It is beautiful, but there isn't anything meaningful to do. You can collect gems and use them to create scenery. But there is absolutely no point here. No story, no goal. It's not even relaxing, it's just boring.

Tonight we Riot :-)

You're the proletariat, sizing the means of production. This is a fun tongue-in-cheek side-scrolling brawler. The unique game mechanic is that you can agitate your fellow suppressed comrades to join in your fight which not only gives you strength in numbers but also means that the flag is (literally) passed to the next man should you fall.

The Space Between :-(

Another game I don't know what it is about, because its technology was in the way. The graphic is kinda crappy but that might be on purpose? But what made me rage-quit is that you can not speed up any of the interactions. You have to wait out every dialog sentence which takes forever. Even a first grader can read faster than this.

Wide Ocean Big Jacket ^_^

You're on a camping trip. The 13 year old Mord and Ben and Mord's aunt and uncle. I loved this game even though there isn't really any “game” to it. It's more like an interactive graphical novel. But it has wonderful characters and great humor. It gave me a big smile on my face.

The White Door :-/

You're a patient in a Mental Health facility. You try to figure out what happened following the facility's routine. It's basically a puzzle/adventure. Puzzles are decent but a bit repetitive. I'm not sure I completely understand what had happened even though I finished the game. It's okay I guess.

Anodyne :-)

You wake up and are told to protect someone from something. And then you're in a Zelda-like top-down RPG style game. You fight and puzzle your way across the map. In the beginning the game is pretty linear, but soon opens up into a very large world of different biomes. It felt a little too large and directionless at that point to me. It's very good, I'm just not sure I have the energy to stay engaged without a big story to lead me.

Wheels of Aurelia :-/

You're a young woman in Italy in 1979. You're on your way to France. You pick up hitchhikers and talk to them while you drive and sometime race others. The art style is really nice, but it's hard to enjoy while you try to keep your car on the road, pick conversation items from a list and read what your companions answer in real time. This game tries too achieve too much at once. Besides racing and story it also tries to cram in all kinds of trivia about the 70ies Italian history into it… maybe it would have been better as two separate games.

Pikuniku ^_^

You're a monster. Or are you? (You're not). You're that little red blob with no arms. This is a super cute and whimsical game. Basically a jump'n'run/puzzler. I don't like jump'n'runs but enjoyed this. It's rather on the easy side with plenty of save points for the harder parts. Fun.

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