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I'm Tired

Brittlestar posted this on Twitter and it's so spot on, I had to share it here.

Transcript below (all words by Brittlestar):

I'm tired of stupid people. The pandemic has been like turning on an ultraviolet light in a hotel room that has made you distressingly aware of just how much stupid is around you at all times. It's on everything and it's everywhere.

I'm tired of the people protesting lockdowns and masks. Like any government would want to enforce either ever. Less tax revenue and millions of unhappy voters is not a great re-election platform. Lockdowns suck. Everyone already agrees. They're literally protesting a virus? Or at best are protesting against measures put in place to protect them from a virus and keep them and their stupid loved ones healthy?

I'm tired of the people who have not been directly impacted by this virus telling us they should be able to live their lives without any issue. Either completely oblivious to how viruses work… or moronically selfish. Like someone who says they shouldn't have to get out of the pool just because a bunch of people crapped in the deep end.

I'm tired of politician trying to use this pandemic as a means to score political points and boost re-election chances by blaming everyone and everything else rather than just taking responsibility of the situation and getting us the hell out of it. This is a war effort. You know who we'll vote for? The politicians who get us out of this.

I'm tired of being angry.

I'm tired of being on guard.

I'm tired of being anxious.

I'm tired of sitting at home.

I'm tired of the endless depressing news coverage.

I'm tired of seeing doctors at a breaking point because they're watching this whole thing go down like a slow motion deja vu.

I'm tired of absolute morons who think they somehow know better than scientists and doctors.

I'm tired of the conspiracy theories.

I'm tired of watching people ignore the rules and then inevitably turn into cautionary tales.

I'm tired of wearing a mask.

I'm tired of social distancing.

I'm tired of this pandemic.

I know it's not over yet and I'll do whatever I have to do to help ensure me and as many other people as possible to get through it… but fuck I'm tired.
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