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It's nearly two years since we have moved into our house and we finally came around to tick of another thing off our todo list.

The one thing that was missing in the kitchen were splashbacks behind the counters. As a “temporary” solution we had a piece of plastic wrapped plywood leaning against the wall behind the stove. It was high time to finally fix this properly.

We found it really hard to decide what to use. Kaddi likes the look of subway tiles, but we both agreed that the grouts would be a pain to clean. We wanted something without nooks and crannies.

Professional splashbacks are made from tempered glass on MDF and you can have them in any design you want. But they are fucking expensive. We would have probably looked at up to 1500 EUR for all the walls we wanted to have covered. And since our walls are far from perfectly flat, we weren't sure how well such a rigid structure would even work.

So we looked at other alternatives. After looking at various options, we decided to use 3mm Dibond® – a material consisting of some sort of plastic sandwiched between thin aluminium. There isn't much choice in colors, so we went with plain white.

I ordered it cut to custom dimensions from plattenzuschnitt24.de. They have an easy to use editor to set up all the cutouts (for sockets and such) and the order arrived well packaged in a few days.

For mounting it we went with quick setting construction adhesive which made it possible to have the Dibond stick to our not 100% flat walls. For the corners we used tape that is usually used to seal bathtub and shower cabin corners. It's self adhesive and worked quite well.

The overall price was a bit over 300 EUR and I am really happy with the result.

As an additional bonus we also replaced the leaky IKEA faucet with a new (non-IKEA) one.

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