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Birkenwerder July 14th, 1986
Birkenwerder July 15th, 1986
Birkenwerder July 16th, 1986
Birkenwerder July 17th, 1986
Berlin July 18th, 1986
Zempin July 19th, 1986
Zempin July 20th, 1986
Zempin July 21st, 1986
Zempin July 22nd, 1986
Zempin July 23rd, 1986
Zempin July 24th, 1986
Zempin July 25th, 1986
Zempin July 26th, 1986
Zempin July 27th to 31st, 1986
Zempin August 1st, 1986
Birkenwerder August 2nd, 1986
Birkenwerder August 3rd, 1986
Birkenwerder August 4th, 1986
Birkenwerder August 5th to 7th, 1986
Birkenwerder August 8th, 1986
Birkenwerder August 9th to 12th, 1986
Birkenwerder August 13th, 1986
Birkenwerder August 17th, 1986
Birkenwerder August 23rd to 24th, 1986
Berlin 25th August, 1986
Berlin August 26th, 1986
Berlin August 28th, 1986
Berlin August 30th, 1986
Berlin August 31st, 1986
Berlin October 17th, 1986
Jocketa October 10th, 1986
Jocketa October 19th, 1986
Jocketa October 20th, 1986
Jocketa October 21st, 1986
Jocketa October 22nd, 1986
Jocketa October 23rd, 1986
Jocketa October 24th, 1986
Jocketa October 25th, 1986
Berlin December 23rd, 1986
Berlin December 24th, 1986
Berlin December 25th, 1986
Berlin December 26th, 1986
Berlin December 27th, 1986
Berlin December 29th, 1986
Berlin December 30th, 1986
Berlin December 31st, 1986
Berlin January 1st, 1987
Berlin January 2nd, 1987
Berlin January 3rd 1987
Berlin January 4th, 1987
Binz February 7th, 1987
Binz February 8th, 1987
Binz February 9th, 1987
Binz February 10th, 1987
Binz February 11th, 1987
Binz February 12th, 1987
Binz February 13th, 1987
Binz February 14th, 1987
Binz February 15th, 1987
Binz February 16th, 1987
Binz-Berlin February 17th, 1987
Berlin February 18th, 1987
Berlin February 19th, 1987
Berlin February 20th, 1987
Berlin February 21st, 1987
Berlin February 22nd, 1987
Berlin February 23rd, 1987
Berlin February 24th, 1987
Berlin February 25th, 1987
Berlin February 26th, 1987
Berlin February 27th, 1987
Berlin February 28th 1987
Home again
Books, Pics and Chucks
Best Joke ever
Blogging suicide
Flickr Time
Tungsten E2 Hardcase
So many places to visit
Broken Computer
ICQ broken?
Interesting Stuff
Wiki register problem fixed
My shiny new computer
No Windows yet
New DokuWiki release soon
DokuWiki updated
Where is Dean Edwards?
CeBIT Impressions
My seat in the stadium
Back home
Load Scuttle in the Sidebar
Scuttle Stylesheet
Sudoku Addicted
Easter Facelift
GPS Device for Geotagging
New Design. Again.
Google as Browser History
1024 is the new 800
The return of Mini Wiki
Great Crappy Movie
New MP3 Player
DokuWiki forum and sponsoring
Interactive Fiction
del.icio.us Spamming Part 2
del.icio.us Spamming Part 3
Happy Birthday, DokuWiki!
More manpages
New Toy: NaviGPS
Carbon Repair
Server Problems
Wikisym 2006
WikiSym Blogging...
Rollercoaster fun
Palm Food
Google Image Labeler
Thanks Steve
Freenode Bureaucracy
Lighty Catches
Testing and Firefox
Another manpage update
PHP Graphing Library
Bluetooth Networking
Bus Error (nVidia)
Monkey Island Music Day
You have mail
Website Thumbnails
Joining .WAVs with PHP
An Adventurer is Me!
If Open Office won't start...
File Icon Set
DMOZ dead - nobody cares?
grūpthink reinvents listible
Presentations in DokuWiki
Recycling DokuWiki
First Post
Tagging splitbrain
Expensive Red Wine?
OpenID for DokuWiki
Performancing Metrics is dead - what now?
A Hat for my Head
NaviGPS review
MonsterID as Gravatar Fallback
Mainstream media and the web
Conditional Digg Button
Medieval wake-up
Add comments to any PHP script
Obligatory Wii blog entry
Where is Waldo? Or "2000 Bloggers"
Tracking your blog comments
MSIE facilitates Cross Site Scripting
DokuWiki Stamps
Mobile Blogging with DokuWiki
MTC and man.cx updates
Your questions answered
got tagged...
Sony's Streetart Desaster
Linkblog opened
Location based services in Budapest
Budapest Addendum
A Plucker Webinterface
All Lightbox clones I could find
CSS Naked Day
NaviLink for Linux
IsoCity Residence
Are you subscribed to my feed already?
New Games for my Wii
Open Source Customers
Meet me at RoCoCoCamp and LinuxTag
Another Toy
Arrived in Montreal...
RoCoCo Camp Day 1
RoCoCo Camp Day 2
RoCoCo Camp Day 3
Logging an IRC channel
LinuxTag 2007
Paperless Geocaching
PHP Semacode Encoder
We have both...
Going green
Censorship 2.0
My Top 7 Bookmarklets
DokuWiki - The Birthday Release
ConTagged - The LDAP Address Book
That's not fair!
The Skatalites Live
Cinema Time
Essential Windows Freeware
USB Battery Pack
Maybe I need help?
Paypal Oddities
Full Content Feed...
Harry Potter
Streetart Archive moved from Flickr to 23hq
Interview me!
Great Crappy Movie (reloaded)
Your questions answered #2
DokuWiki - The best localized Wiki?
NDS Homebrew: The Hardware
NDS Hombrew - The Applications
Blog Recommendations
Free Website Thumbnail Services
Galao Shots
NDS Homebrew: The Games
Determine StumbleUpon Rankings
Making me your social network contact
Statistics for better texts
Google Reader broken
Better Password Security with Firefox
100st Geocache
Happy Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day
Google Reader Alternatives
Stasi 2.0
Catch Up Post
My worst Prediction
Dual Core Subnotebook Comparison
DokuWiki Plugin Repository
Autumn Walk
Save Energy with your Wii
What's my color?
Back to Montreal
Montreal in Autumn
Your Questions Answered #3
Flip Book Fun on the DS
DokuWiki of the Month: LinuxBasics.org
Winter Stock
You managed to stay young...
Three NDS Games to Play with your Girlfriend
E-Ink for the Masses - Amazon Kindle
Naming HTML Elements...
I saved Zelda! Again.
DokuWiki on a Stick
Entrecard - the better Blogrush?
DokuWiki of the Month: EECS@UTK
Of Horses, Worms and other Critters
Face Your Pockets
splitbrain.org 2007 (in numbers)
MySimple.php - A lightweight PHPMyAdmin substitute
NDS Homebrew X-Mas Present: NetHackDS
Big Apple Greetings
Happy New Year!
New York City Impressions
DokuWiki of the Month: Terrestrial Orchid Wiki
Music for your Blog: Free Playlist Services
A Geocaching Weekend
Entrecard Sucks?
More Streetart Ads: Ogo
Feed your Wii: Super Mario Galaxy
List of Twitter Commands
Mixing Worlds
Lifestreaming Services
Poll: The splitbrain.org Design
Setup Postfix and Dovecot on Debian Etch
DIY Scrabble
Which WiFi Smartphone is for me?
DokuWiki of the Month: Atheists of Utah
splitbrain.org Changes
Securing your Mail Services with SSL
Finding Professional Wiki Help...
Gathering DokuWiki Usage Data
Killing your Creation
Understanding PHP code better with Xdebug
Physics by Paint
Where's my Robot?
Keeping your Home Directory Organized
Short Trip to Usedom
DokuWiki of the Month: Rangerwiki
CeBIT Impressions 2008
Paris in Images
My Photography Equipment
Wie StudiVZ nur mit...
Project Wonderful - An Adsense Alternative?
Link's Crossbow Training
Stallion Battalion
Another Happy Eee User
Compiling a Portable Apache for Linux
DokuWiki Release Candidate
3 Days re:publica
DokuWiki of the Month: zshwiki
Conference WiFi Security
Optimize Firefox for the EeePC
Mario Kart Wii
Google Chart API via PHP
Adobe Air on Linux - A Security Nightmare
NDS Homebrew Tip: LoneWolfDS
Website Updates
Classify Twitter Users with Greasemonkey
Adding Video to DokuWiki
Moved from Debian to Arch Linux
Spring in Berlin
New DokuWiki Release
DokuWiki of the Month: LOLCODE
Linux MP3 Music Library Managers
Weekend Photos
Your Questions answered #4
DokuWiki on a Stick 2008-05-05
HDR photography made easy
Meme: Your Favorite Desktop Linux Software
I have Internet!
Weekend Summary
Review: Snapfish Photo Collage
LinuxTag 2008
Reusing SSH connections
DokuWiki of the Month: OSFlash
63 Questions Answered
Live Video is still in its Infancy
Inbox Zero
MSIE sucks (again)
Weekend Summary
StillAliveDS - Portal 2D for Nintendo DS
Universal Edit Button
DokuWiki Hack Days at FrOSCon 2008
Google Public Relations
DokuWiki Birthday Cake Post
What is wrong in this Code?
DokuWiki of the Month: Kustupedia
Game Tip: Weewar
Getting rid of Stuff
Little Brother
DokuWiki Development Visualized
Address Changes
Project Wonderful - The Bottom Line
Working with Password Hashes in PHP
Poutine in Berlin
iPhone [yes, another iPhone post on the web]
DokuWiki of the Month: The Shire
Performancing Ads Reloaded
The Big DokuWiki Wiki Reorganization
Goodbye Twitter, Hello Identi.ca
My Favorite iPhone Apps (so far)
Accessing the iPhone Location from a Webpage
Wiki Event Calendar
Dokuwiki Hackdays
Enhancing iPhone Pics with Lightzone
Arrived in Porto
DokuWiki of the Month: Wineskin Media
iPhone Software Review: RulerPhone
Calculating Color Contrast with PHP
Make your Wiki Talk Like a Pirate
More DokuWiki plugins
Because everybody is doing it...
Prepared for the cold Season...
Wanna meet?
DokuWiki Beginners Screencast #1
iPhone Gaming
Bug Squashing Weekend Stats
Recovering JPGs from a Corrupted VFAT FS
BarCamp Berlin 3
Is Contextual Advertising Bullshit?
Boom Blox
DokuWiki of the Month: ch!mer!c.de
Creating GC Pocket Queries with a Radius
DNS Tunneling made easy
Customizing the toofishes EeePC Arch Kernel
DokuWiki Beginners Screencast #2
Geocaching with TangoGPS
Funny DokuWiki Quotes
New Zealand Landscapes
Animals of New Zealand
New Zealand Close Ups
The new Paypal is...
Locosys Genie GT-31 GPS Review
Shirt for Post?
7 Free WikiPedia iPhone Apps Compared
Backing up my Data
The Downside of a Free T-Shirt
Setup DokuWiki on Free Hosting in < 15 Minutes
splitbrain.org 2008 (number crunching cont'd)
25C3 Roundup
Installing grml on USB without a CD
Draw a Bunny!
Old and New DokuWiki Plugins
Hagen Rether Live
Visualizing Twitter with JavaScript
The Web 2.0 is not about you
How identi.ca Groups Could be Improved
7 Things you probably don't know about me
A Pirate Map with LibGD and Google Maps
The Age of Robots
Custom Munchkin Cards
New Server
Lexmark C530dn with CUPS on Arch Linux
Last Minute Valentines Gift Idea
DokuWiki 2009-02-14 - The ♥ Release
Play Them All Firefox Extension
CeBit 2009
DokuWiki Sync Plugin for Sale
Huawai 3G UMTS Stick on Arch Linux
The Spectacular Patched Pirate
Buch: Per Anhalter durch das Mitmach-Web
DokuWiki Leaflet
Setting up WPA encryption on Arch Linux
Andi needs...
WTF? of the year
Spring Time
I'm not dead...
LucasArts Game Posters
I wanna love the Poken (but I can't)
Universal Edit Button Update
Travel Update
Productivity Returns
Sync Plugin Released, Survey Available
It's alive!
3 Days North Sea
Your Questions Answered #5
PanoView DokuWiki Plugin
Microblogging Iceland
More Vacation Photos - Prague
11 iPhone QR Code Readers Tested
Tales of Monkey Island
FujiDirekt Photo Book Review
Three Headed Monkey
Amazon kills Open Source Apps
identi.ca Mosaic
Overlord 2
Fair Trade Sneakers
Lost Place: Teufelsberg
Server Trouble
IFA 2009
Compiling is not a very Useful Test
Demonstration Pics vs. Privacy
Media RSS & DokuWiki Gallery Plugin
WikiCamp Canceled
Geocaching Weekend
Paperless Geocaching with the iPhone
Growing the DokuWiki Community
Delta Airlines Sucks!
Search Delicious with Google CSE
Zombie Cow Adventures
I ♥ my Roomba
Random Life Bits
Alternative Content for Adblock Users
Is Programming Teachable?
Open Source Monetization
DokuWiki 2009-12-25 "Lemming"
Happy New Year 2010!
Fustilinus - 2009 in Review
More DokuWiki Devel Visualization
DokuWiki Security
Tentacle Pr0n
Avatar 3D
Personas - Poor Man's Firefox Themes
WePing - A Multi User Ping.fm Client
My Wishlist for Google Buzz
Creating Art by Doing Nothing
Dresden Weekend
Another Ad Network: Ad Bard
German Adventure Games
Emails from Strangers
Google Gears on Firefox 3.6 (ArchLinux)
How my Web 2.0 Lifestream works
Feed Gems
A letter from Bishkek
Nature Break
Eat this, Sock Gnomes!
Please don't port philosophy with code!
Why Facebook will destroy Flattr
Ireland in Pictures
The Skelligs (more Puffin Pictures)
Browse and Search Silk-like 16x16 Icons
Linux OCR Software Comparison
Your Questions Answered #6
identi.ca Wordle
DokuWiki Birthday Bughunting Weekend
Achievement Unlocked: Carpenter
My Oil Paints
Monitor Amazon Product Availability through RSS
Graphing DokuWiki (help needed)
DokuWiki Toolbox Greasemonkey Script
Barcamp Kiel
The Oil Paintings
Asus EeePC 1015PE
DokuWiki Hackfest Zürich
Ruins and Churches - Rome
Storing Photos after a Vacation
Ubuntu Unity Sucks
Amazon's API pisses me off (again)
Cable Declutter (Without Decluttering)
Excito "Bubba" B3 Home Server
Using eCryptfs on the B3
LAN Upgrade
Summer vs. Autumn
Backup Your Identi.ca Statuses With XMLStarlet & 8 Lines Of Bash
The Garmin Edge 205 Under Linux
From Scuttle To del.icio.us - The Quick And Dirty Way
Is Flattr Losing the Race?
Github Mirror
Using your Mobile Headset on a PC
I Have Issues
ICE Lock Screen
splitbrain.org 2010
Watcher, a Recursive incron Alternative
Another WTF Snail Mail
DokuWiki on a Stick in DropBox
DokuWiki Code Swarm Update
FRITZ!Box 3270
Water & Ice
January Books
MaxMind GeoIP DB and sqlite
Top-Posting Like Don't I Why!
Managing dotfiles with DropBox
Spider Your DokuWiki Using Wget
Can you spot the WTFs?
February Books
Found on the Web
Nexus S
The Music Cloud Storage I would Use
March Books
Fix Google Contacts Phone Numbers
April Books
New Traffic Hazard
Books of May
IPv6 Day - Setup IPv6 at Hetzner.de
Automate Github Pull Requests
Giraffe released
Dear Social Book Sites: it's 2011!
Books for June
Three Things I didn't knew about the Space Shuttle
Bitcoin for Beginners (like me)
July Books
Mobile Headphones (with Mic)
7 Android Apps you might not know, yet
August Books
South West Germany Road Trip
September Books - Daemon
San Francisco Diary
October/November Books
December Books
Another Year
Mansions of Madness
Another Chunk of Future: 3D Printer
120 year time travel
RepRap Update
RepRap Huxley Cooling Fans
New Comment System
EeePad transformer TF101G Review
Nyan Cat on DokuWiki
New Hardware
A Link to the Past
Tunnel a local webserver to the Internet
SSH Alias Script
Linz, Erfurt, Gotha, Wartburg, Weimar
Join the Enlightened
X-Mas Wish: A Universal Charger
103 Megapixel of Google+
My personal Amazon Charts
What I don't like about the Nexus 4
The Ultimate USB Stick Setup
New Keyring
arCHMage Magic for Offline Docs
ArchLinux: Fix Init Ramdisk
Keyring Update
Mummy King - A 3D print adventure
New Wallet
Google IO 2013 Verdict
Birds of Prey
North America
SmartWatch? SensorWatch!
Happy New Year: Harz Pics
MiniDLNA on a Synology DS213j
Munchkin Boxing
Attempted Burglary
Carpenter: Level 2
Review: Broken Age Act 1
Kitchen Nexus 7 Holder
Docker PHP Farm
File Icon Generator
Lenovo Thinkpad X240 & Xubuntu
Cat Content
Seven Years Later
You are here
New Link Blogging
Digital Backups
Paper Backup (1) Scanner Setup
Paper Backup (2) Automation Scripts
Paper Backup (3) User Interface
Lollipop Lockscreen Woes
One Year of Car-Sharing
New Gadget: LG Watch R
Agenda Watch Face for Android Wear
Games I liked in 2014
Raspberry Pi B+ Pinout Leaf
5 Minute Cupcake
Adventure before Dementia
A Pastebin with Line Comments
Virtual Personal Assistant
Roomba Repair
Telecolumbus sucks, or does it?
Network Upgrade
Amazon Prime Video Disaster
Indie Games
Trash Solution 2
Marley Spoon
Apache's private /tmp/ on ArchLinux
Visualizing XDebug Traces
Carpentry - The next Level
Simple Let's Encrypt on Debian/Apache
EDC Update
Pokémon GO
Adoptable Storage on Sony Z3C
Some DokuWiki Plugin Updates
USA West Coast
Simple Way to Label Images
Dark Times
Hardware Upgrade
Simple Conky Setup
My 3D Printer sucks
A curious Letter
Hello Fresh
JavaScript CDNs by the numbers
The Future is disappointing
Save Gmail Attachments to Google Drive
Adventure Time
Mysterious Package Company
Automated Plant Watering
New Phone
HASS, DuckDNS and Let's Encrypt
Steam Link Adventures
Weekend Project: Label Designer
Project: Personal Finance Information
Network Trouble
DIY Board Game
File Sync API for reMarkable Tablet
Custom reMarkable Sleeve
Hacking an EL-wire Inverter
Thirteen Years…
DIY Digital Picture Frame
Thinkpad X240 Arch Linux
Drink More Water
Back to the Future
DIY "3rd Hand" Soldering Helper
Making the Fire HD 8 Work
One-Mix Yoga 2
3D Printing Q&A
Shower Thought
RetroPie Revision 2