electronic brain surgery since 2001


This is my personal website and thus the direct successor of the Ballermann Syndicates site. It was created because I did need a page for describing my open source projects.

It was first hosted under a different name by sunsite.dk. They offer a great service to open source projects with an excellent support. It went online there at the 30th of August 2001.

Since 26th of October 2001 I have my own domain, which was hosted by multiple webhosts in the past. From January 2005 til September 2006 splitbrain.org ran on its own root server hosted by JP Berlin. It is now hosted on a dedicated server at Hetzner.

For a long time splitbrain.org was driven by a set of custom written PHP scripts. It worked and did exactly what I wanted but was hard to update. After looking some time for a CMS fitting my needs I finally decided to switch the whole site to DokuWiki.

I'm using a custom template and some plugins1).

But why splitbrain.org?

You want the truth? Well, I couldn't come up with a cool domain name - so I grabbed my girlfriend's psychology book and took a random word from the index. So there is nothing special about brains here.

  split-brain (splǐt'brān')
  Of, relating to, or subjected to surgical separation of the hemispheres of 
  the brain by severing the corpus callosum: split-brain operation to prevent 
  epileptic seizures.

from Dictionary.com

Neither my template nor the small plugins I wrote for this site are available, so please don't bug me about it.