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what's up doc?

Just some things flewing through my mind while I'm waiting for my CD writer…

I was lazy the last three weeks and today I have to see my lecturer to talk about how my diploma is going :-/

I'm currently up to 70 pages which is okay and may increase maybe to 72 or 73 in it's final state. I still have to solve some minor practical problems. It looks like I just solved an issue with aodvd6 - an AODV implementation with IPv6 Support. I think my main problem was that I know so little about IPv6. They never told us something about it in university.

What else? Yesterday I installed XFCE4 from Debian unstable. I was using XFCE3 for some time now and liked it very much - but version 4 is much cooler! It looks much nicer (and comes with dozens of themes). The things I like most are the iconbox and the possibility to include applets (think Gnome and KDE) into the panel. Now I have the CPU and Netload indicators in the panel and don't need gkrellm anymore :-).

Oh the CD is ready - so that it for today folks…