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Python scripts to interface VideoDB

Davide Alberani just posted a message to the VideoDB Mailinglist to announce a set of python script to mass update VideoDB Data from IMDb:

<blockquote>I've developed IMDbPY, a Python package to retrieve and manage the IMDb

movie database.

With this package, I've written a bunch of scripts (videodb_imdbpy),

that I've used to populate/manage the data into the VideoDB database

(I've had a lot of movies into the database, and I needed to fetch data

from IMDb and update the database automatically).

IMDbPY and videodb_imdbpy can be downloaded from here:


These script can be useful, but cannot be used out-of-the-box, since

they're configured to work with _my_ installation of VideoDB (read

the documentation!)</blockquote>