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Glasses, Server and DokuWiki

I finally got my first glasses. My eyes went badder over the last years but I needed some time to get my ass up and see a doctor. It still feels a bit strange to wear them but it's amazing what I can see again ;-)

Another good thing is that the server I ordered a month ago finally arrived. It will host splitbrain.org and my second page rafinfo.de in the future. But first I have to set up all the needed software. The most challenging thing will be the mailserver setup. I want to try postfix for it. I so far only worked with exim and qMail so it's something new to learn :-) I will anounce the move to new server (and ISP).

I also continued my work on DokuWiki: the new Access Control List feature is already working but there is no userinterface to add permissions or users yet. Speaking of access control - There was a serious security bug encountered yesterday. A fix is already available.