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Palm Food

This post is about a few tools that recently made it to my Palm.

SmartInput Screenshot SmartInput is a real timesaver. It allows you to create memos, todos and appointments from a single interface. Up to 10 predefinable text macros are available from a quick button. I mapped this tool to my favourites (calculator) button for even faster access. SmartInput is freeware.

nvbackup ScreenshotI recently switched to 256MB SD card and now have plenty of space available, so it's just logical to use some of this space for backups. This is where nvbackup comes into play. nvbackup is a simple but powerful backup tool which saves gzip compressed archives of your Palm's internal memory to the SD card. The nice thing is that you can automate this. Eg. let it create a backup every night at 3 o'clock. You can even configure how many old automatic backups to keep. It does incremental backups, saves all your preference files and allows you to restore applications selectivly. nvbackup is BSD licensend Open Source.

PalmPDF screenshotAdobe did provide a PDF reader for the Palm platform for some years now, but you need to convert PDFs to PDB with a Desktop tool first. Until recently there was no way of viewing native PDFs stored on your memory card. The XPDF based PalmPDF fills this gap in the palm software market. It's still beta but already works pretty good and fast. PalmPDF is GPLed Open Source.

A list of all the cool freeware and open source apps currently living on my Palm is available in my wiki.

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