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Bluetooth Networking

I'm on vacation currently, but staying at home. This means I finally have the time to work on some things that have been on my todo list for a loooong time.

Yesterday evening I startet with the first task (and it took 'til 4 o'clock in the morning). I upgraded the Kernel and Debian distribution in my router/fileserver, revamped the firewall config and setup bluetooth networking.

I have a Tungsten E2 which doesn't have builtin WiFi but has bluetooth connectivity. So I wanted to use this to connect to the net. The needed bluetooth adapter was a gift by my dad (I think for my last birthday, so it's about ten months I had this on my todo list).

Setting up the needed bluetooth and PPP stuff was quite easy, except for a stupid bug which caused me some gray hair. The basic steps for the setup are available at my wiki as always.

I now need to have a look at what I can do with this, using the Palm as some kind of remote control for various stuff seems like a good idea ;-)

bluetooth, palm, linux, networking
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