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An Adventurer is Me!

The KOL logo Online games are getting more and more attention. Besides the well known client based games like WoW or SecondLife1) there is another genre: Browser Games. Unlike the aforementioned ones they are playable inside the browser but aren't necessarily less complex. I'm currently playing a game called “Kingdom of Loathing” or just KoL.

A Sabre-Toothed Lime It's an RPG and one of the funniest games I ever played. Like in every RPG you're solving quests, try to level up your stats and slay monsters. The difference in KoL is the humor and references to all kinds of pop culture. There are various classes like Disco Bandit, Turtle Tamer or Accordion Thief to choose from in the beginning and you fight monsters like Sabre-Toothed Limes, Filthy Hippies or Mayonnaise Wasps.

The L33t Tr4pz0r's C4b1n Each monster encounter is accompanied by a funny description and a simple black and white stick-figure graphic. The same goes for item descriptions and pretty much everything else in the game. Jokes make references to all kind of pop culture like computer games, song texts or movies. Many jokes are language based eg. making fun of leetspeak or popular spelling mistakes.

The game is turn based (turns being called adventures) with a limited amount of turns per day (40 per default). You get new adventures each day, but you can also gain adventures from drinking booze or eating food. The various items (there are thousands to be found through the game) can be combined, cooked or used in cocktails. There is also an in-game economy created through players selling and buying items. To learn about cocktail mixing receipts or how to find rare items I recommend the KoL Wiki.

The whole game is free to play, but special items can be obtained through donating. If you love twisted humor I really recommend to try this game. If you join, feel free to contact me in-game, I might have a useful item for you. My game nick is 'splitbrain'.

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